Beverly Lambert Studio

Beverly Lambert Studio

Welcome new and returning students! Looking to achieve your best vocals possible? Here at the Beverly Lambert Studio, you’ll find an informal, supportive and creative environment where you’ll be able to grow to your fullest artistic potential.

I’m Beverly Lambert, and I have found in my work as a professional singer and longtime vocal coach that practice makes perfect. Singing is about training particular muscles to work well together, and breathing is a big part of the process. Plus once you learn to sing correctly, you can also trust your instrument to express your emotions without physical restraint. With my unique technique and at-home exercises, students achieve exciting results.

Whatever your musical preference – Broadway, Jazz, Opera or Pop – I’m here to give you the solid foundation you need to express yourself musically in the genre that brings you the most joy.

Learn more about my teaching philosophy, meet some of my students, listen to recordings from some of my favorite roles, and feel free to contact me at (203) 335-7832 with any questions, any time. I look forward to hearing your voice  – and helping it touch others in powerful ways!

Beverly Lambert

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