The Beverly Lambert Studio

The Beverly Lambert Studio is housed in a small, rose-colored cottage that looks like it belongs in a fairy tale, built to fit a baby grand piano and some very big dreams. The inside combines state-of-the-art sound equipment with a very subtle, yet sophisticated décor.

Beverly Lambert Studio

Gone is the detached garage that never really fit a car anyway. In its place, a dainty structure with a stone walkway surrounded by flowers. Architect Steven Keedle designed the studio.

Walkway to StudioThe first clue of what goes on inside is the brass knocker in the shape of two half notes. Once inside, the charm is understated and subtle. The palette is simple – a soft garden green with accents of polished silver. Designer Anne Pigue worked with Beverly to make sure every element of the space worked aesthetically as well as musically.

Walkway to StudioBeverly will welcome you into her studio (minus your shoes, please) through the entryway, where a small bench allows for one or two people to sit and wait their turn. The studio itself is dominated by a brand-new Yamaha piano, and there’s definitely a flair for the dramatic with vaulted ceilings, velvet drapes, and a gleaming silver chandelier.

As a traveler of the world’s greatest venues, Beverly always maintained a pied-a-terre in New York City. For this new chapter in her life, Beverly wanted to create a space that would combine Manhattan chic with Connecticut charm, and that’s just the mix that was achieved. Feeling at home while at work creates a sense of ease for student and teacher alike.

“My Favorite commute is now ten feet away from my house, though sometimes my husband has to remind me to come home.”

– Beverly Lambert

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