My students, and in some cases their parents, have been sweet enough to write lovely unsolicited thank-you notes throughout the years. Here are just a few excerpts . . .

“You are the best voice teacher I have ever had. You have somehow managed to take something that’s usually taught in the most abstract terms and made it accessible…” – M.H.

“I always feel so rejuvenated after leaving your lessons — my voice is clearer . . .” – S. R.

“To the person who inspires me like no other . . . ” – K.S.

“Thanks for changing my life in so many ways . . .”  – Susan Walker

“I love coming to my lessons each week. You have helped me grow so much as a singer, performer, and person.” – L.M.

“I want to thank you so much for all the support and confidence you have given me. I have grown tremendously with all your help and it has been so satisfying getting all these solos!” – S.H.

“You were truly the first professional, amazing person to really start me off in my career and take hold of my dreams when I was 14 years old and have never stopped.  Thank you for your talent, your warm hand, and your amazingness, your laughs, your voice, and just your loving spirit.”

Dan Micciche
(lead in Broadway’s cast of Chicago)

A mother recently wrote about teaching her daughter seven years ago.

“. . .you had a positive impact on Sarah’s teen years and she still sings and plays the guitar in her free time . . .we still reflect so fondly on our trips to Fairfield and voice lessons with you.”

Lynn Biggart

“Although I have only worked with you a short time you were miraculously able to take me from mediocre to being able to get accepted to not only the best theatre school in the country, but my dream school – Carnegie Mellon!

The amount of references and music you gave me were astounding. I have never heard of a voice teacher who would be willing to bend over backwards like you did.

I will always be grateful.”

Joe Vallone

“Thank you for your never ending support, advice, and joy. I am so blessed to have you in my life.” – K.C.

“It is now my fifth year as your student and I can honestly say I have cherished every minute of it. I have grown so much as a singer thanks to your support and teaching, and have the confidence to get on the stage and just sing my heart out.

I look up to you and you will always be the one who encouraged and molded my gift, and I hold you so dear to this day.

Thank you for a lifetime of being my teacher.”

Sarah H.

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